And she’s sold!

My daughter was out yesterday and she has #asthma and #allergies. Especially at my house with my cats. She usually has to leave early. I had her ‘huff’ as she called it, some Frankincense and Breathe. She was almost instantly better! And she’s sold! Which is a big deal because she a a medical field girl ( CNA and started nursing program at one time. She also thinks I’m a “hippy”). I have a 10 yr. old grandson with very high-functioning #autism. I can’t wait to try some oils on him. Last night I rubbed Lavender into his feet and hands and he mentioned just now that he must have went right to sleep after that. This will be interesting because he’s highly sensitive to all kinds of things like light, noise, food. I have high hopes in the oils for K!

Peggy M – Wyoming

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A heartfelt thank you!!

For staying after me these past years. You believed in your product and your craft while dealing with the worlds biggest skeptic! I am seeing improvement almost daily now, not just in pain level but in mood as well. In fact Mary Jo Beth’s mood has changed and even the dogs feel better just being around the oils and that’s no joke! Seriously for me, this is like the cure for cancer!

Dean L – S.Carolina
Spinal Cord Injury survivor using Aroma Touch Technique

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Fight RSV and Other Respiratory Problems with Essential Oils!

There is a good chance you may know someone who is dealing with RSV right now. Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is a very common virus that leads to mild, cold-like symptoms in adults and older healthy children. It can be more serious in young babies, especially to those in certain high-risk groups.

Highly contagious, RSV is the most common germ that causes lung and airway infections in infants and young children. Most infants have had this infection by age 2. Serious symptoms include blue lips, re-tracked breathing, and lethargy. Outbreaks of RSV infections most often begin in the fall and run into the spring.

RSV is spread easily by physical contact. Touching, kissing, and shaking hands with an infected person can spread RSV. The disease spreads from person to person through contact with contaminated tiny droplets or objects that the droplets have touched. RSV can live for a half an hour or more on hands. The virus can also live for up to 5 hours on countertops and for several hours on used tissues. RSV often spreads very rapidly in crowded households and day care centers.

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Take the OUCH out of Gout using Essential Oils!

Gouty ArthritisI had a sweet elderly woman come to one of my essential oil classes with her daughter. She was scheduled to have heart surgery but her hand were inflamed with gout and they wanted to postpone because she couldn’t use a walker and physical therapy would be difficult. She was on a fixed income and purchased the of Introductory Kit containing 5ml Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils. She used the lemon oil in her water daily and drank it. She told me she had to put her hands in an “ice bath” before she could the lavender followed by the peppermint which she used 2 drops of each in that order and rubbed on her hands. As you can see within 2 weeks she was able to put on her jewelry! If you know anyone that’s had gout; you know how incredibly painful it can be and there is no medication out there to stop it once it comes on. Essential oils are a beautiful alternative to synthetic medication and has no side effects. Its safer, less expensive and more effective!

2 Weeks after using doTerra essential oilsGout is a painful inflammation caused by buildup of uric acid crystals deposited in the joint. Uric acid is formed during the natural breakdown of dead tissues in the body. An excess of uric acid in the bloodstream can lead to the formation of crystals in the joints or kidneys (kidney stones). Some good ways to prevent the formation of uric acid crystals include maintaining a healthy body weight (which leaves less body tissue to be broken down), exercising, abstaining from pork, whole grains, alcohol and drinking plenty of water.

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3 Powerful Essential Oils to fight Sinus Congestion!

I don’t care who you are, if you stay in the South for any period of time you will have sinus congestion, allergies or not! I’ve tried many OTC (over the counter) medications and some prescription medications but these leave me absolutely in a fog for days looking for the nearest bed or couch to lay down and sleep. I can’t keep my eyes open let alone work or even drive a car! Don’t you hate that feeling?

There is another way that is all natural. It won’t cause you to fall alseep in mid-sentence or keep you awake at night because you chose the “non-drowsy” type and your mouth won’t feel like your chewing on a wool sock!. Essential oils are healthy for your body with NO harmful side-effects (Pharmaceudical companies must put those warnings pamphlets in their products for a reason…. because it’s happend to someone)! You can use this natural remedy as often as needed and you know what? It works!

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