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Reverse the signs of aging, increase your energy, lose weight, inches and balance your blood sugar spikes with MetaPWR

MetaPWR Metabolic Assist

How MetaPWR Metabolic Assist helps with metabolic health?
MetaPWR Assist—part of the MetaPWR Metabolic System—supports healthy lifestyle regimens focused on increased energy and vitality, metabolic health, and weight management to add health to your lifespan. 

Use MetaPWR Metabolic Assist
  • taken daily before the largest and highest carb meal of the day 
MetaPWR Assist
  • May help release glucose more slowly and steadily, which can lead to lower postprandial (post meal) blood glucose levels.†
  • May reduce the absorption of simple carbohydrates and sugars.†
  • May support a healthy metabolic profile.†
  • May contribute to healthy fat metabolism.†
  • Provides three times the active component—1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ)—typically found in mulberry leaf extract supplements.

Impacted by overall health

"I am so productive, I'm so clear, getting way more done in a day!" 

MetaPWR™ Metabolic Blend

MetaPWR™ Metabolic Blend is yet another great way for you to get more of this wonderful essential oil blend into your daily routine.  The MetaPWR essential oil blend can serve as an important part of a daily healthy metabolic regimen when used internally. 

Primary Benefits
  • May support healthy metabolic function when ingested.
  • May help reduce adipose fat cells when ingested.
  • Helps curb hunger cravings† and promotes mindful eating
  • May help improve exercise performance.
  • Creates an uplifting, stimulating environment.

Difference in my Energy 

"I am only on Day 4 and I feel absolutely amazing!" 

MetaPWR™ Metabolic Blend Softgels

How Does MetaPWR™ Metabolic Blend Softgels Help With Metabolic Health
Developed with doTERRA clinical researchers, the blend features a proprietary balanced ratio of CPTG® Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger, and Cinnamon Bark essential oils that can play an important role in a daily healthy metabolic regimen when used internally. Reduce adipose fat cell while protecting cells and tissue against oxidative stress.

Ways to Use MetaPWR™ Metabolic Blend Softgels:
  • Take up to five softgels as needed throughout the day. 
  • Take one after each meal 

It's like my 25 year old self!

"My mind is clear, I've had drastic inflammation loss, and I have SO much energy! " 

MetaPWR™ Metabolic Blend Satiety Gum 
+ Provides the MetaPWR Metabolic Blend in a chewing gum 
+ Helps support metabolic health and function when chewing† 
+ Promotes mindful eating and appetite control† 
+ Helps curb hunger cravings† 
+ Delivers an uplifting, stimulating flavor
+ Chew to between meals to curb appetite and cravings
+ Chew after meals and skip dessert

MetaPWR™ Metabolic Blend Beadlets
+ Provide MetaPWR Metabolic Blend in convenient beadlets
+ Help support metabolic health and function†
+ Help curb hunger cravings†
+ Promote mindful eating and appetite control†
+ Deliver an uplifting, stimulating flavor
+ Use to suppress appetite instead of stopping for fries or a candy bar

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